Welcome to Fast React.

With unparallelled reach throughout the fashion supply chain, we provide software solutions and expertise to help retailers, sourcing companies and manufacturers improve their business performance.

Our apparel, footwear and textile industry specific solutions provide improved visibility, clear priorities and better coordination, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Wherever you sit in the fashion supply chain, you'll find that Fast React products are quick to install, easy to use and deliver rapid benefits, helping you to address challenges such as flexibility, speed to market and compliance as well as cost.




Vision is for:

  • Design and Sourcing of branded/fashion products
  • Intermediate trading company - sourced products
  • Overseas sourcing "hub/office"
  • Design and sourcing (non-fashion)
  • Wholesale sourcing
  • Multi-channel sourcing and sales (e.g. retail/wholesale)



Evolve is for manufacturers of:

  • Apparel/Clothing/Garments
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Footwear
  • Hosiery
  • Sweater

including, vertically Integrated (composite) manufacturers 


Align is for:

  • Yarn producers (spinning and dyeing)
  • Fabric manufacturers (knitting and or weaving)
  • Dyers of yarn/fabrics/garments
  • Companies that print and embellish fabric
  • Carpet manufacturers
  • Vertically Integrated (composite) manufacturers



Two of the biggest headaches when sourcing are getting access to up to date information and an inability to respond quickly to rapidly changing customer requirements.  

Vision has been developed to offer instant visibility and a single point of reference for accurate information. It encourages better internal coordination and improved supplier collaboration.


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  • Panache


  • FitFlop


  • Concept Group

    Concept Group

  • Madison88 Ltd

    Madison88 Ltd
    (New York)

  • ISC


  • Portfolio 2008

    Portfolio 2008

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  • "As a result, the Vision software gave us a single place for all information that is easy to use and very visual. The time spent creating product..."

    Elena Pazuhina
    Director - Concept Group (Russia)
  • "We are proud to have built a successful business in which quality always comes first, but with continued growth, reducing lead times and increasing..."

    Rajinder Rai
    Managing Director - Cleversocks (UK)
  • "We were attracted by Fast React’s unparalleled experience and reach through the fashion supply chain, and a solution which places effective..."

    Ian McEvoy
    Managing Director - Portfolio 2008
  • "With our tremendous growth, it is vital that we have efficient systems in place to ensure that our product is developed and delivered on time for our..."

    Jill Coglan
    Product Director - FitFlop (UK)
  • "Fast React Systems has been a strategic partner since 2007. We began by implementing the FastReact solution to support our new style development and..."

    Steven Downes
    Finance Director - REISS (UK)
  • "Having previously selected a full ERP system we unfortunately discovered it was quite rigid towards data and process requirements and this resulted..."

    Paul Higham
    Managing Director - Goldline (UK)
  • "Our initial requirement was to find a highly flexible Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool to give us full visibility of our garment critical..."

    Stuart Knipe
    IT Manager - Panache Lingerie (UK)
  • "We took the Vision solution on board to help ISC control the complicated critical path process and allow us to analyse both lead times and business..."

    Deirdre White
    COO - ISC (Australia)
  • "Given the age and complexity of our previous system, the task of modernising was truly daunting. Unfortunately, we had already encountered an initial..."

    Andrew Feldman
    CEO - Jayroma London Limited (UK)
  • "We chose Fast React after numerous conversations with their competitors. We believe Fast React is the most knowledgeable in understanding our..."

    Chris Cantasano
    COO - Madison88 (USA)
  • "Fast React’s Vision provides a clear and uncomplicated priority list of ‘the tasks in hand’ to manage even tighter deadlines. Over the past 15..."

    Andrew Lever
    CEO - Trade In Asia (UK)
  • "The business market is currently very challenging. FastReact has enabled us to focus on the key activities in the business and has saved the business..."

    Paul Arrowsmith
    Operations Director - Wilton Bradley Limited (UK)
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Evolve is a highly visual capacity planning and management tool, developed specifically to enable manufacturers of garments, footwear and accessories to achieve a new level of visibility, efficiency and control.

The flexible, drag and drop approach allows fast and accurate planning of factories, manufacturing lines, machines and supporting processes, including subcontractors.


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  • MAS Active

    MAS Active
    (Sri Lanka)

  • Zentrix


  • Gina Shoes

    Gina Shoes

  • Epyllion Group

    Epyllion Group

  • Dewhirst


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  • "Shipment date predictions can be made so much more accurately from FastReact. Visibility when booking orders is vitally important for us to balance..."

    Mr. SL Uttam
    President - Busana Remaja Agracipta (Indonesia)
  • "FastReact is highly user friendly, it took just one month for us to grasp the concept and to date has it has been a highly satisfying experience. We..."

    Supply Chain Manager - Birdy Exports (India)
  • "Bangladesh has low manufacturing costs but garment prices are decreasing day by day. To face the open trade policy, we feel it is high time to..."

    Mr. F.K Zaman (Nahid)
    Director - Fakir Knitwears (Bangladesh)
  • "FastReact has brought discipline to the production planning process and all operations. Through better direction, monitoring of WIP and quicker and..."

    Mohamed Mukthar
    Director of Marketing - Whitehouse India (India)
  • "We chose Fast React as it is tried and tested software in the market and promises a stable, robust platform for production planning and management..."

    Mr Asif Moyeen
    Managing Director - Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Ltd (Bangladesh)
  • "Our internal supply chain has reduced from 7 weeks to 4 weeks and will reduce by a further week in the near future. We could not have achieved this..."

    Director of Operations
    (DOP) - Zentrix (Mexico)
  • "As customers play closer to the market and order books become more fragmented, complexity in the planning function has risen. Fast React has..."

    Ashroff Omar
    CEO - Brandix Group (Sri Lanka)
  • "FastReact typically quotes a ROI of under one year. However, considering our monthly wage bill, a 2% improvement of our monthly efficiency (by just..."

    Gokal Chittaranjan
    Chief Executive - Manufacturing - LT Karle (India)
  • "Before FastReact we suffered delivery penalties totalling nearly $1.3m in 2009. We have reduced this dramatically to less than $67k. On Time & In..."

    Mr. R. Swaminathan
    Deputy COO - Madura Garments Exports (India)
  • "FastReact has brought clarity to our business. To date this has enabled us to make real improvements in on-time delivery and reductions in air..."

    Khun Orasri Lotharukpong
    Deputy Managing Director - VT Garment Co Ltd (Thailand)
  • "FastReact has greatly increased our visibility so that now should a delay occur anywhere in our supply chain, we can plan around the problem and..."

    Rodrigo Toledo
    Director - TATA (Guatemala)
  • "We had already invested in ERP and RFID shop floor data systems but we still needed to find a solution that could help us to monitor and have quick..."

    Alex Lui
    Project Manager - Lever Style (Hong Kong)
  • "Implementing FastReact has allowed us MUCH greater visibility of our overseas manufacturing, working collaboratively with our UK operation. Improved..."

    Michael Condon
    Operations Director - Shadowline (UK & China)
  • "Even though our current season bookings are up 30%, we haven’t shipped a single item late in over a quarter. Our performance is so good that we are..."

    John Misner
    CEO - Perform Group, LLC (USA)
  • "As with all apparel businesses with many challenges, (stiff competition, reduced lead times and a business growing in size and complexity), we knew..."

    Mr. Stanley Jothiraj
    Chief Financial Officer - S.P. Apparels (India)
  • "Gokaldas Exports selected FastReact as a world-class planning system tailored to the specific requirements of the apparel industry and with a proven..."

    Dinesh J. Hinduja
    Executive Director Marketing and Production - Gokaldas Exports (India)
  • "On time delivery is the key factor for a clothing brand and retailer. Low price alone cannot attract the good customer. As one of the fastest growing..."

    Mr. David Hasanat
    Managing Director - Viyellatex (Bangladesh)
  • "We had been aware of Fast React for a number of years and already realised that it has a mature solution with a reputation for excellent customer..."

    Aroon Hirdaramani
    Director - Hirdaramani Group (Sri Lanka)
  • "As demand for much greater product complexity and dramatically shorter lead-times increases, we realised that our existing, excessively manual..."

    Mr. Shirendra Lawrence
    Managing Director - MAS Active (Sri Lanka)
  • "We have chosen FastReact to enable us to maximize production efficiency at our factories, whilst at the same time providing us with the capabilities..."

    Riccardo Romani
    Director of Production - Calzedonia (Italy)
  • "Fast React will enable us to respond quickly to the ever-changing market demand by allocating resources effectively. We expect to improve the overall..."

    Mr Ian Lee
    Chief Operating Officer - Win Hanverky - Bowker Asia Ltd (Hong Kong)
  • "Now I don’t get surprising heart attacks as I can forecast well in advance if any storm is coming. We can now prioritise accurately from the yarn..."

    Shajedur Rahman (Mithu)
    Operations GM - Epyllion Group (Bangladesh)
  • "To be more competitive in this industry you need to focus on cutting losses. One of our major problems is properly planning of our production lines;..."

    Mr Hasnat Mosharraf
    Director - Standard Group (Bangladesh)
  • "The main operational benefit is that one can easily see the whole picture of the plan on one screen which makes it easy to plan so as to reduce the..."

    Mr. Prashant Mithare
    General Manager of Integrated Planning & Operations - KDS Garment Industries Ltd (Bangladesh)
  • "Fast React highlights specific issues well in advance. This helped us to make prompt and accurate business decisions, improved on time material..."

    Stephen Samraj
    Director - Vogue Tex (Pvt.) Limited (Sri Lanka)
  • "Having shifted much of our production overseas, the availability of the key information to make the correct planning decisions is absolutely vital...."

    Carl Pate
    Finance Director - Quantum (UK)
  • "Fast React’s understanding of the apparel industry made it easy for them to provide solutions to our requirements and for our users to understand..."

    Engr. M. Zulfiker Ahmed
    General Manager of Operations - Texeurop (Bangladesh)
  • "Correct planning and fast reacting to customers’ requests is vital for managers to achieve on time delivery and fully utilise available capacity...."

    Mr Scott Chan
    Regional Director - Makalot Industrial Co. Ltd (Taiwan)
  • "Before FastReact, it has been a difficult and time consuming job for us to make a production plan for even 50 production lines, with FastReact, they..."

    Mr Purid Thanalongkorn
    Managing Director - Jintana Apparel Co Ltd (Thailand)
  • "Childrenswear is always a complicated product to make with multipacks, multiple fabrics and trims all for one garment that can have a lot of..."

    Mr. Joseph Soegandhi
    Owner - JSP 962 (Indonesia)
  • "FastReact has given us full integration of our planning and pre-production activities as well as much improved visibility on WIP and potential..."

    Carl Morley
    Supply Chain Director - Crystal Martin (Sri Lanka)
  • "The most immediate benefit is having all the key information in one system instead of many Excel files; this greatly reduces the workload for the..."

    Howard Lo
    General Manager - Elegance Industrial Company Limited - Crystal Group (Hong Kong)
  • "Esquel’s vertically integrated supply chain and worldwide operations require seamless and effective planning and controlled execution to meet..."

    Bridget Chan
    Group Director of Information Technology - Esquel Group (Hong Kong)
  • "FastReact has provided us with much better visibility We have been able to significantly reduce our material stockholding, whilst still being able to..."

    Attila Kurdash
    Managing Director - Gina Shoes (UK)
  • "The level of support provided has been excellent."

    Mursi Shammas
    IT Manager - Delta Textile (Egypt)
  • "As part of a strategy to accelerate profitable business growth, and respond to market and customer demands for increased flexibility and reduced lead..."

    Erik Johannessen
    CIO - Denimatrix (USA)
  • "FastReact was surprisingly easy to install, and we have been very impressed with the robustness and functionality provided by the software. Given the..."

    Glenn Walker
    Finance Director - Dewhirst Group (UK)
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Planning and coordinating textile production through the various processes of fabric production (knitting/weaving), dye house and numerous finishing operations means that manufacture has to be tightly controlled.

Align provides all the visibility and control that you need to manage a complex, multi-stage production operation. It's a single system that provides clear priorities for all.


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  • Fogarty


  • Yesim


  • Courtaulds


  • Standfast & Barracks

    Standfast & Barracks

  • Interloop


  • VT Garments

    VT Garments

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  • "FastReact has provided us with much improved visibility of order status, such that we no longer need to keep such a high level of safety stock. The..."

    Senol Sankaya
    CEO - Yesim Tekstil (Turkey)
  • "With the continued development of our business and more specifically the growth of our digital printing capabilities, we are receiving an increase in..."

    Stephen Thomas
    Managing Director - Standfast & Barracks (UK)
  • "We researched our options for planning before concluding that FastReact was the best tool on the market by far. Most importantly, it is not just a..."

    Mr. Shehan Witharana
    General Manager Operations - Textured Jersey (Sri Lanka)
  • "For Interloop, flexibility, speed to market and cost control are the corner stones for success as a reliable supply chain partner of global retailers..."

    Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain
    Chief Executive Officer - Interloop Ltd (Pakistan)
  • "Over time, as the demands on our business increased in terms of flexibility and speed of response, it became apparent that our existing, spreadsheet..."

    Stewart MacDonald
    Managing Director - Fogarty (Filled Products) Ltd (UK)
  • "Overall, the company has achieved greater flexibility and speed of response. Successful order completion against target in 2004 were 10% up on 2003...."

    Ian Brimblecombe
    Manufacturing Services Manager - Australian Country Spinners (Australia)
  • "We selected Fast React’s Align as our preferred planning solution based on our need to improve On Time Delivery Performance (OTDP). Current..."

    Peter Gabrielides
    Plant Manager - Belden (UK)
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About Fast React

About Fast React

We are a global provider of software solutions, specifically for the fashion industry, from specialist planning and tracking solutions to wider business applications.

Our team has extensive operational experience in textiles, apparel, footwear and garments, which is how we have developed systems that meet the exact needs of the industry.

Global fashion brands, high street retailers and prominent worldwide manufacturers all use Fast React’s products to improve visibility, efficiency, coordination and control. See what our customers have to say about using Fast React solutions.

Latest News

Coats acquires Fast React Systems

Coats acquires Fast React Systems

We’re delighted to confirm the exciting news that Fast React Systems has agreed to be acquired by Coats.

Fast React to become AAPN Partner

Fast React to become AAPN Partner

Fast React Systems is delighted to be joining the Americas Apparel Producers’ Network (AAPN) as part of its strategy to increase its presence in the Americas.

Fast React announces Oscar Gonzalez as its agent for Mexico and Central America

Fast React announces Oscar Gonzalez as its agent for Mexico and Central America

Fast React Systems, the leading provider of planning and control solutions to the global apparel industry, is delighted to have reached agreement with Oscar González to become its agent for Mexico and Central America, and lead the development of this strategically important market.

Univogue Group set to improve productivity with the Evolve software solution

Univogue Group set to improve productivity with the Evolve software solution

The Bangladesh based garment manufacturer is set to improve productivity significantly whilst minimising production cost.

Courtaulds Legwear implements Fast React's Align solution

Courtaulds Legwear implements Fast React's Align solution

Courtaulds, the UK’s largest hosiery manufacturer, is now using Fast React’s Align software to help increase productivity and reduce costs.

Indonesian garment manufacturer, PT. Eratex Djaja, implements Evolve to increase production efficiency

Indonesian garment manufacturer, PT. Eratex Djaja, implements Evolve to increase production efficiency

Implementing Fast React’s Evolve will allow Eratex’s employees to plan and track production efficiently and effectively.

Standfast & Barracks implement Align to increase capacity utilisation

Standfast & Barracks implement Align to increase capacity utilisation

Standfast & Barracks are one of the most versatile and capable fabric printers in the world. The implementation of Fast React’s Align software will support Standfast’s production planning processes by providing the visibility and control needed to help manage capacity more effectively.

FitFlop selects Fast React's Vision solution for New Product Development

FitFlop selects Fast React's Vision solution for New Product Development

Internationally renowned footwear retailer, Fit Flop steps
up to improve on time delivery and reduce costs.

Roy Lowe bring production back to the UK and implements Evolve

Roy Lowe bring production back to the UK and implements Evolve

Based in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, the UK based sock company has decided to bring back UK
manufacturing. With a huge push in the industry for ‘Made in Britain’ products, Roy Lowe sought to make this happen for some elements of their business. With a new range called SockMine, a technical sports sock and another possible range both specifically aimed at promoting the products heritage, Roy Lowe are set to increase awareness of their ‘Made in UK status.

Fast React becomes Microsoft Partner (Silver OEM)

Fast React becomes Microsoft Partner (Silver OEM)

Fast React is pleased to announce we have been awarded Silver OEM in the Microsoft Partnership Network for commitment to creating and delivering innovative customer solutions.


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