Are you in control of your pre-production process?

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Posted: 5th June 2019

Man working out critical path on white board

Coats Digital's guide to Product Development, part 1 Why is the control of the pre-production activities is more important than ever?  Two of the most recent trends in the relationship between apparel manufacturers and their customers have been: Customers requesting their suppliers to take control of an increasing number of design and product development activities. Market conditions are changing rapidly, uncertainty is increasingly higher, customers require shorter lead times, styles are more complicated, and production runs are smaller. To better deal with these changes its important to review what the typical scenario is. All too often, most of the pressure to deliver on time, happens in the final 30 days prior to the delivery. This means that, for most companies, production is required to make extraordinary efforts to compensate for the delays and mistakes of product development and material sourcing.

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