Epyllion increases on time production start by 41% & delivery performance by 58%

Posted: 20th February 2019

Epyllion factory

Dhaka based garment manufacturer caters to renowned brands worldwide

The Customer

Epyllion Group started it’s journey in 1994, manufacturing and exporting knit apparels. Having grown over the years, they now operate in five factories with state of the art vertically integrated facilities. The five factories produce around 14,000 standard hours per day, offering their customers backward linkage from knitted garments through to wet processing, textile and accessory production. Epyllion customers include big brands such as C&A, Marks and Spencers, G-Star and Celio.


The Challenge

Epyllion manage a minimum of 300 style changes per month, varying in quantities from 500 -100,000 pieces. With such variety, the management of the pre-production activity (critical path) and correct prioritisation of the orders to ensure on time production start became increasingly difficult. The manual methods used (spreadsheets and emails) began to hold the business back from its goal of
continual growth.

Epyllion’s Planning A.G.M, Mr.Azhar Farook said “Before we had Fast React‘s Evolve system, a huge amount of management effort went into achieving smooth production flow and on time delivery. We seemed to be constantly running from one problem to the next, trying to keep things under control. Clearly this was not sustainable.”


The Solution

Having established a central planning team around the Fast React solution in 2008, Evolve’s detailed line level planning boards are used to manage production capacities for sewing and other critical processes such as embroidery and washing. In addition, the use of the integrated Critical Path management tools and the High Level control tower view for management and marketing teams provides Epyllion with full control and visibility over their order book and the latest status.

Fast React has taken us into a different dimension of planning.

Mr. Chawdhury, Epyllion Group

Mr.Azhar Farook further explained “We religiously started using Evolve’s critical path and could see that it has started giving results. Over the past year, our on time production start has been increased up to 85% and on time delivery performance (OTDP) has increased up to 95%. Our fabric mill now delivers the fabric 95% on time.”

Operations GM, Shajedur Rahman (Mithu) also went on to explain “Now I don’t get surprising heart attacks as I can forecast well in advance if any storm is coming. We can now prioritise accurately from the yarn to finish garment. Our textile division also follows the same schedule provided by us through FastReact. Currently we are having around minimum 300 style changes with quantity varies from 500 – 100,000 pieces. Without this tool I can’t imagine how we can manage this complexity.


The Conclusion

Following the successful adoption of the Evolve solution; CFO of Epyllion, Mr.Arshad Ali Chowdhury said “Fast React has taken us into a different dimension of planning as the planning process was not prominent for us before. Fast React has helped us to establish a central point of reference for management and control, allowing us to establish better planning practises.

Reaz Uddin Al-Mamoon, Managing Director at Epyllion also commented “We have been using Fast React for last 4 years and we are convinced of its benefits to the business. It has helped us to organise our planning and merchandising processes.
Our next aim is to integrate Fast React with our ERP system so it can take us to the next level.”

“Now I don’t get surprising heart attacks as I can forecast well in advance if any storm is coming. We can now prioritise accurately from the yarn to finish garment… Without this tool I can’t imagine how we can manage this complexity.”
Mr. Rahman, Epyllion Group