Esquel Group adopts FastReactPlan to support growth plan

Posted: 31st May 2012

garments hanging in Esquel factory

Esquel Group, one of the world’s largest producers of apparel for brands including Hugo Boss, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste has signed a deal to use Fast React’s (now Coats Digital) planning software as part of ambitious plans for the growth and increased productivity of its business.

The company produces nearly 100 million cotton shirts every year and turned to Fast React (Coats Digital) in order to centralise its capacity management and production planning capabilities across its manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Work has already begun on rolling out the software across the group’s Hong Kong head office and worldwide facilities that cover its production lines, multi-stage manufacturing processes as well as pre-production activities.

The Group Director of Information Technology of Esquel Group, Bridget Chan, said the organisation needed to make significant improvements to its management planning capabilities in order to achieve its projected growth plans.

“Esquel’s vertically integrated supply chain and worldwide operations require seamless and effective planning and controlled execution to meet customers’ rapidly changing demands and remain competitive in this fast moving industry.” said Bridget.

“We are very excited as we recognise Fast React’s (now Coats Digital) potential as much more than just planning; it is a powerful management tool that helps Esquel to operate more effectively at all levels.”

“Fast React (Coats Digital) can streamline our business communication and coordination, allowing us to easily centralise information from our worldwide operations; this in turn will greatly increase visibility in our supply chain, improve production efficiency, maximise on time delivery and maximise the ability to respond quickly to customers’ demand.”

Esquel Group’s decision to adopt FastReactPlan (previously called Evolve)  will provide a strong platform to support its planned business growth according to the Managing Director for Asia, Simon Gibson.

“We are delighted that respected market leader, Esquel Group, has recognised the capabilities of Fast React (Coats Digital) and how it can improve the efficiency of its entire operation from the factory floor to the boardroom.” said Simon.

“The pressure on all manufacturers, including Esquel Group has never been greater and it’s vital that they have systems which can enable them to plan quickly and effectively to support the ever-changing needs of their customers.”

“FastReactPlan has been developed specifically for the apparel industry in order to give easy centralised visibility to all stages of manufacture. It also has the flexibility to be easily integrated into a supply chain and is an intuitive system for use at all levels.”

Esquel Group is expecting FastReactPlan to be fully rolled out within 12 months thereby helping it to maintain its competitive edge as one of the world’s leading textile and apparel manufacturers to brands like Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger.