Grupo Textil Providencia selects Coats Digital’s software solutions to increase efficiency

Posted: 26th September 2018

girl watching laptop with Frozen soft cushion and blanket

Mexican based, vertically integrated textile business, Grupo Textil Providencia implements VisionPLM and FastReactPlan solutions to increase the speed and efficiency of their end-to-end processes and to support their continued growth.

The new partnership comes as Providencia celebrates 60 years as one of the most recognized and respected textile businesses in Mexico, and one of the largest producers of high quality blankets in the world.

Founded in 1958, Providencia’s success has been built on a relentless commitment to quality, innovation and investment in people and the very latest technology. Based in Tlaxcala, Mexico, a zone traditionally dedicated to textiles, Providencia is a fully integrated manufacturer from warping of yarn, through knitting, printing, cut-sew and finishing of garments to distribution.

As the undisputed leader in the market, Providencia commercializes its production under its own brands as well as licenses such as Disney and Marvel. They achieve this using a multi-channel strategy that includes direct online, catalogue and sales through their own retail stores, as well as wholesale to retailers in Mexico and overseas markets including the USA.

A commitment to continuous improvement and constant investment, has allowed Providencia to deliver consistently outstanding quality and service, and the business is proud to have been recognized with a number of prestigious industry awards including the National Quality Award and the National Exporters Award.

To diversify its business model and increase its market share, Providencia has recently started new business units like Providencia Prints, a division dedicated to the design and production of digital paper for sublimation based on high technology, personalization and quick delivery.

Jose Antonio Torre L, Providencia’s Managing Director, commented, “As we move to the next phase of our business growth, it is critical that we continue to improve the speed and agility of every aspect of our operation, reducing the time that it takes to move from conception to delivery as well as ensuring fast turnaround of replenishment orders.

“At the same time as increasing speed and agility, we must also continue to improve the efficiency of our operations, even when handling a dramatically increasing level of complexity driven by new business models, growth and more order fragmentation. One of our key priorities is to ensure that we have the best systems and processes to support fast, efficient product development, and thereafter production planning across multiple processes, with early warning of potential issues to ensure a smooth production flow which allows optimizing of delivery and productivity.”

The project with Fast React (now Coats Digital) will include the implementation of VisionPLM to help streamline and standardize the entire product development lifecycle with best practice processes and tools. As part of the project, Providencia will also install FastReactPlan (previously known as Evolve) to support the fast, detailed and accurate planning of knitting, dying and printing of the fabric and the manufacturing of the finished product.

The exciting partnership between Fast React (Coats Digital) and Provdencia was built following recommendation from Textil Home Division.

Edgar Escobar, Director of the Textil Home Division, added, “Having used Fast React’s (Coats Digital) industry experience, expertise and specialist tools to improve planning and control in factories earlier in my career, I was delighted to introduce Fast React (Coats Digital) to Providencia. Following detailed discussions and workshops, the owners and senior management team were confident that the team and their specialist PLM and Production Planning tools would support best practice processes and further significant improvements in business performance. We are particularly excited about the highly visual, flexible and easy to use systems which are important to ensure that we minimise resistance to new systems and processes.”

The implementation of two Fast React (Coats Digital) solutions will allow Providencia to manage key business processes from the conception of the collection at the beginning of the season, through a multi-stage manufacturing process to customer delivery, improving the efficiency of all the steps of the process, as well as the communication and flow of information between departments.

Oscar Gonzalez, Coats Digital agent for Mexico and Central America, said: “We are very proud of Providencia’s trust in Fast React (now Coats Digital) solutions and look forward to working with the team to deliver a successful project which will support further increases in speed, agility and efficiency as the Providencia success story goes from strength to strength.”