7 Steps to Effective Planning and Control

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Posted: 1st October 2018

7 step guide to effective PPC

Benchmark your Production Planning and Control (PPC) Process There are some vital areas that many manufacturers continue to overlook, which can offer huge opportunities to improve productivity and reduce overhead costs. We believe the most significant of these is the PPC process - effective planning, coordination and easy visibility of problems. In most businesses: The PPC process is ‘disconnected’, fragmented and an intensely manual job. Planning is not realistic enough and based on too many simple rules and averages. Coordinating buyers, suppliers, merchandisers, development, purchasing and production teams is a real headache. Management have a hard time seeing problems quickly. The result is that the plan changes too often and a huge amount of firefighting and crisis management is required to keep production running smoothly and deliveries on time. This is hugely inefficient and badly affects your cost efficiency, the ability to deliver on time and will restrict your ability to achieve the shorter lead times demanded by the market.

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