Do you have a Garbage In Garbage Out (G.I.G.O) problem?

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Publicado en 22nd mayo 2019

supply chain matrix on top of image of man typing on laptop

GIGO or Garbage In Garbage Out (or Rubbish In Rubbish Out) is the widely used IT expression to remind people that software solutions can only provide meaningful results if the data the systems are fed with is accurate, complete and up to date. A Common Problem The latest developments in technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are exciting but these rely totally on reliable, centralised, clean, up-to-date and organised data. So as the fashion industry looks at increasing the use of systems to achieve the much talked about ‘digitisation and automation of the supply chain’, improving data accuracy and update discipline is critical to see the return on these investments. It’s no surprise then that we spend a lot of time discussing this topic with our prospective clients and helping our clients improve data integrity during our projects with them. Despite being a very common problem it seems like there is a lack of answers how to address it. Many people see it as a ‘what comes first, the chicken or the egg?’ type of problem! To find out more read Fast React’s guide to improving data accuracy in your business.

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