Interloop reduces Work In Progress (WIP) and lead time by using FastReactPlan (Align)

Опубликовано 12th Апрель 2019

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South Asia’s largest sock manufacturer and exporter, substantially improves efficiency and productivity through effective planning and careful management.

The Customer

Interloop currently operates 4 factories based in Faisalabad, Lahore and Bangladesh. With over 3000 sock knitting machines, they produce an estimated 360 million pairs annually.

With a determined and professional business approach and a 20 year history as an exporter, Interloop is highly regarded by its customers who include Nike, Puma, JC Penney, Tesco, C&A and Primark.

The Challenges

The company offers a large variety of custom designed socks to its customers, honouring commitments and maintaining a high standard of quality in both products and ethics.

With large demand for their products, managing customer forecasts vs. actual order receipts had become a major challenge. In addition, managing multiple critical paths through numerous spreadsheets led to poor visibility and coordination; an uncertain environment for making accurate decisions. As a result both WIP and material inventory levels were relatively high.

Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain, Chief Executive Officer at Interloop commented, “For Interloop, flexibility, speed to market and cost control are the corner stones for success as a reliable supply chain partner of global retailers and brands.

“In order to achieve these goals and support its initiatives to become a LEAN organisation, Interloop decided to employ the FastReactPlan (Align) planning solution from Fast React (now Coats Digital).”

The Solution

FastReactPlan (Align) has allowed Interloop to clearly prioritse and manage their activities to meet their customers often demanding requirements. This has improved coordination internally and reduced both response time to urgent queries and overall lead time.

Mr Musadaq Zulqarnain continued, “Since using the FastReactPlan (Align) solution, we have improved efficiency and productivity by 35%. In turn this has reduced WIP by 20% and lead time by 33%.

“This is a huge achievement; we are now able to serve our customers market needs with a lot of flexibility and plan our operations much more efficiently.”

The Conclusion

Andrew Brown, former Managing Director of Fast React Systems (now known as Coats Digital) commented, “These remarkable results show just what can be achieved by a professional and dedicated management team supported by good software. Together with the Interloop team, we have already identified further areas of potential savings and look forward to working with them on a Continuous Improvement basis.”

"За время использования решения FastReactPlan мы повысили эффективность и производительность на 35%. Это помогло уменьшить объем незавершенного производства на 20% и сократить производственный цикл на 33%."

Мусадак Зулкарнайн, Генеральный директор, Interloop