Nice Group selects FastReactPlan (Evolve) to support LEAN and lead time reduction

Опубликовано 12th Апрель 2019

Nice Group Holding Corp embroidery machines

Thailand’s largest apparel exporter, selects Fast React’s (now Coats Digital) FastReactPlan manufacturing planning system to support LEAN and lead time reduction

Nice Group Holding Corp, is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of sportswear and has been Thailand’s largest apparel exporter for the past 10 years. They are a key strategic supplier to both Nike and adidas, and the latest SEA apparel exporter to adopt FastReactPlan (previously known as Evolve) planning and control solution.

The group produces 50 million pieces with around 16,000 employees, in 8 state of the art production locations in Thailand, China and Cambodia. They are also expanding into Vietnam this year to be able to satisfy demand for their wide range of football, golf, basketball and other sportswear for adidas, Nike and other leading brands.

Why FastReactPlan (Evolve)?

Mr. Prasop Jirawatwong, CEO at Nice Group explains why their planning system and process is critical to Nice Group’s future growth and success, “Our vision is to be the World’s leading sportswear and casualwear manufacturer by achieving ‘best in class’ standards of service, quality and customer satisfaction.

«For the past 30 years, we have continually reviewed our company Critical Success Factors so that we can keep improving our business functions in order to meet this vision.

“We see 2 key trends with our customers; firstly, with their existing sales channels, to ensure growth and success they must react quicker than ever to serve their market needs. Secondly, they are expanding their e-Commerce business and this opens up new opportunities, but also needs new purchasing methods.

“To us as their manufacturer, this means 3 key challenges — more volume on shorter lead times, more customisation, and more style and order fragmentation. These make it more challenging for us to manage our customers’ order process and at the same time optimise our production capacity. Our current IT system is not 100% able to meet these new requirements and does not sufficiently support the critical supply chain management and production planning areas.”

Mr. Adisak Angsriprasert, COO at Nice Group adds, “Nice Group have applied LEAN manufacturing principles and through our Kaizen team we have encouraged innovation and developed better operational methods such as a JIT system to reduce waste in production processes.

“Nowadays, the more advanced ordering patterns and methods of our customers, create new challenges. IT will play an increasingly essential role in our business. We truly need a modern system to manipulate data deeply, quickly and more accurately than before to sustain and support our LEAN system.

''FastReactPlan (was Evolve) will enable us to better handle material monitoring and in turn improve productivity.''

Mr. Adisak Angsriprasert, COO at Nice Group

“We chose Fast React (now Coats Digital) as our partner because their solution is well-known and widely proven, and their team has good knowledge and best practice in the garment industry. More importantly, Fast React’s (Coats Digital) own business vision is well aligned with Nice Group’s vision for data management, maximising LEAN manufacturing capability and managing material effectively.”

Haruethai Phaleesem, Business Development Manager at Coats Digital — Thailand, commented, “We are very proud to be Nice Group’s partner! They understand that chasing the lowest labour cost alone is not a sustainable business strategy. The Group has proven that despite Thailand’s higher labour cost, focused investment in new product development, ‘best in class’ business processes and technology solutions, plus good staff training can secure a strong future and continued business growth.

“We look forward to helping Nice Group with their latest challenge — their client’s lead times have more than halved over the past 10 years. Nice currently runs 5 fulfillment programs ranging from 90 days to as quick as 3 days to support this trend. FAST and ACCURATE planning, and good COORDINATION between planning, production and supply chain is critical! This is exactly Fast React’s (Coats Digital) area of expertise.”