Song Hong Garment chooses FastReactPlan (Evolve) to sustain competitive edge

Опубликовано 12th Апрель 2019

Song Hong sewing line

Established in 1988, Song Hong has grown into one of Vietnam’s leading garment and bedding manufactures, with 20 factories in Nam Dinh province employing around 11,000 workers.

The company produces diverse products ranging from woven to knit fashion garments, as well as its own well-known bedding brand. Song Hong is strategic manufacturer of famous brands, such as Nike, Gap, Columbia Sportswear, Calvin Klein, DKNY, New York & Company and Bugatti.

Mr. Quang Bui, CEO at Song Hong, said, “At Song Hong we never stop searching for new developments and strategy, so we can keep up with the world’s fashion industry trends to maintain a leading position in our field. If we don’t keep improving, we won’t be able to create sustainable values for our customers and our own people’s future. We need a powerful tool to control our growing capacity and FastReactPlan (Evolve) is a key part of our development strategy.”

Song Hong will link FastReactPlan’s (Evolve) with its Oracle system to share core order data. The implementation of FastReactPlan (Evolve) will give a clear and total picture of the company’s capacity across all factories, which have different product type capabilities and special machines, such as quilting and seam sealing. This will help Song Hong to serve its customers better, by providing fast and reliable feedback on their Customer Required Dates (CRD).

Mr. Quang Bui continues, “Like all fashion business we spend a lot of time managing T&A for approvals and materials. We believe that FastReactPlan’s (Evolve) will improve coordination with different teams and give us the ability to react fast if faced with delays, problems or sudden customer changes.

“FastReactPlan (Evolve) will also help save our staff time when monitoring and reporting daily and weekly output, and the latest status on the orders spread across our 144 production lines, or even more in near future.”

Fast React’s (now Coats Digital) intuitive FastReactPlan (Evolve) solution, together with the company’s industry knowledge and expertise, has proven to significantly improve visibility, efficiency and control, for brands and fashion manufacturers around the world.

Mr. Luu Hoang Anh, Business Development Manager at Coats Digital in Vietnam, added, “We are really impressed by Song Hong’s vision and actions to make itself ready for an uncertain market. With our unique combination of fashion industry only focus, international expertise and a local Vietnamese project and support team, we are confident Fast React (now Coats Digital) can make a difference and add significant value to Song Hong.”