As brands and retailers play close to the market than ever before, manufacturers and textile mills are faced with increasingly fragmented order books and demands for much shorter lead times!  This drives significant additional complexity and cost, as well as challenges in optimising machine utilization, Work In Progress (WIP) and on-time delivery performance.  The adoption of best practice processes and dynamic, integrated Production Planning and Control (PPC) is critical to responding quickly and efficiently to these challenges.

FastReactPlan (previously named Align) supports a faster, more reliable order confirmation processes, and a plan which dynamically considers knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing in a single system optimising delivery, machine utilization, inventory and speed. The highly visual, flexible, ‘drag and drop’ approach to planning supports effective longer range planning of capacity (forecast and confirmed orders), as well as fast, detailed and accurate scheduling of machines.  Raw material requirements and pre-production activities are dynamically driven by the latest plan on a LEAN Just in Time basis.