Design, development and sourcing teams are under pressure like never before. Consumer demand is driving an unprecedented level of complexity (more styles, more options and more smaller orders) and dramatic reductions in time to market! The adoption of specialist, technology-based solutions to replace largely manual and disconnected processes is critical to responding to these challenges. Digitization is increasingly a key strategic differentiator marking out the winners from the losers.

Introducing VisionPLM.

VisionPLM is an intuitive, flexible and scalable, browser-based Product Lifecyle Management and sourcing solution. Developed specifically for fashion retailers, brands, sourcing companies and manufacturers of all sizes, VisionPLM is configured to reflect industry best practice and specific business requirements. VisionPLM supports the streamlining and integration of key business processes, from design, material and product development, to supplier capacity management, order allocation and purchase order tracking. This results in significant improvements in visibility, coordination and control, across the business and with supply chain partners.

Ultimately, VisionPLM increases the speed and efficiency of design, product development and sourcing, which is so critical to maximising sales and margin.