Standfast & Barracks implement Align (now FastReactPlan) to increase capacity utilisation

发布于...... 12th 4 月 2019

Standfest and Barracks patterned fabric

By improving visibility and control the world-class fabric printer plans to reduce operational costs and improve on time delivery

Standfast & Barracks are one of the most versatile and capable fabric printers in the world. Producing beautiful prints, they have a heritage stretching back 90 years, supplying many of the world’s finest design-led home furnishing companies and apparel brands.

The company offers a wide range of printing options, from conventional rotary and flatbed screen printing, to the latest ink-jet digital technology for short runs and special designs. Standfast & Barracks pride themselves on their quality and service for their customers who include leading names such as Liberty, Sanderson, Zoffany and Ralph Lauren.

The implementation of the Align (now known as FastReactPlan) software will support Standfast’s production planning processes by providing the visibility and control needed to help manage capacity more effectively. Having FastReactPlan integrated alongside their other core systems such as CAD for design and product development and an in-house ERP, will allow them to improve on time delivery, reduce work in progress and drive down operational costs.

Standfast & Barracks FastReactPlan solution will include order management, capacity planning and critical path. They will also be enhancing managment level decisions through FastReactPlan’s KPI dashboard which reports up to date and accurate status information.

Stephen Thomas, Managing Director at Standfast & Barracks said, “With the continued development of our business and more specifically the growth of our digital printing capabilities, we are receiving an increase in orders but typical order size decreasing. These changes coupled with the fact that customers are expecting a quicker response to enquiries and faster delivery, meant that we needed to improve the speed of our production planning capabilities.

“After an extensive evaluation process, we have selected the FastReactPlan software from Fast React (now Coats Digital). The specific capabilities of the software and the industry specific knowledge of their consultants, will make the whole planning process run more smoothly and enable us to respond to customer queries in a timely manner. This in turn will reduce our delivery lead times. We are also expecting that our machine utilisation will increase as a result of less downtime between print runs.”

Andy Hinton, former Customer Services Director at Fast React commented, “We are pleased announce that Standfast & Barracks are implementing FastReactPlan. During their detailed evaluation of our software solution, we have developed a good understanding of their business requirements and are very much looking forward to working with their team.

“The project will be focused on providing a more responsive production planning mechanism, that will enable Standfast & Barracks to effectively plan around any production capacity constraints. It will also provide detailed visibility of material requirements and provide alerts in the case of either material shortages or any pre-production critical path issues.”